Here's an archive of my blog posts on big data, chemical regulation, regional histories of science, and more at AmericanScience.

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Naming Matters: Nomenclature and the Structure of Modern Chemistry
(Under contract with University of Chicago Press)

Articles under review

“Molecularizing Hazard: Toxicological Information and Environmental Protection”
(Under review with Environmental History)

“‘A Way of Thinking Backwards’: Computing and Method in Synthetic Organic Chemistry”
(Under review with Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences)

“Paper Chemistry: François Dagognet and the Chemical Graph”
(Under review with Ambix, part of a special issue in honor of Ursula Klein)

Scholarly articles and essays

“'Just as the Structural Formula Does': Names, Diagrams, and the Structure of Organic Chemistry at the 1892 Geneva Nomenclature Congress.” Ambix 62:1 (Feb 2015): 1-28. (peer-reviewed; revised version of essay awarded the 2014 Partington Prize)

“Review: Grasping the Technical Image." Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 47:1 (Feb 2017): 117-125. (preprint)

Changing Names and Naming Change: Transformations in the ‘International Machinery’ of Chemical Information.” Proceedings of the International Workshop on the History of Chemistry, March 2-4 2015, Tokyo (2016): 68-76.

Remaking the X-Ray as an Instrument of Authentication.” Proceedings of the Authentication in Art Congress 2014 (July 2015).

Think Piece: Simple Problems.” IEEE Annals of Computing 36:1 (Mar 2014): 85-88. (preprint)

Articles and reviews for broader audiences

“How to Save Your Sperm: We don’t just need safer chemicals, we need safer chemistry.” The New York Times, 31 Jul 2017,

Book Review: ‘American Eclipse’ by David Baron.The Wall Street Journal, 21 Aug 2017.

“A Leak in the Chemical Archive.” Forthcoming in Public Books,

Environmental Data, Public Trust, and Guerrilla Archiving.” First 100 Days: Narratives of Normalization and Disruption, (Program on Science, Technology, and Society, Harvard Kennedy School), 8 Feb 2017.

The Canary in Donald Trump’s Literal Coal Mine.”, 14 Dec 2016.

Book Review: ‘Database of Dreams’ by Rebecca Lemov.” The Wall Street Journal, 14 Dec 2015.

Book Review: ‘Making Marie Curie’ by Eva Hemmungs Wírten.” The Wall Street Journal, 21 Mar 2015.

Systematic Flexibility and the History of the IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry.” Chemistry International 37:2 (Mar 2015): 10-14.

The Pedagogical Construction of Chemistry. Review of Inventing Chemistry: Herman Boerhaave and the Reform of the Chemical Arts, John C. Powers.” Endeavour 37:4 (Dec 2013): 193-194. (preprint)

Quest for Permanence.” Chemical Heritage 31:1 (Spring 2013): 20-26 (with Augustin Cerveaux).