Are you interested in what I think about general education? Here's what I think about general education.

Boston College

History 1713: “Environmental Crisis: How Past Disasters Shape the Present,” Fall 2018 (syllabus)

History 2880: “Drugs, Chemicals, and Health in Global History,” Fall 2018 (syllabus)

History 1714: “Can Machines Think? Artificial Intelligence in Historical Perspective,” Spring 2019 (syllabus)

History 2881: “History of Biotechnology,” Spring 2019 (syllabus)

Harvard University

History of Science 131V: “Environments in Crisis,” Fall 2017 (syllabus)
Average student evaluations of 4.8/5 (instructor) and 4.7/5 (course)

Princeton University

Preceptor, History 211: “Europe from Antiquity to 1600” (Anthony Grafton), Fall 2015
Average student evaluations of 4.8/5

Preceptor, History 292: “Science in the Modern World” (Michael Gordin), Fall 2012
Average student evaluations of 4.6/5

Completed Princeton Teaching Transcript Program, an optional pedagogical development program of Princeton’s McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning


NSF / American Chemical Society Online Chemistry Course

Lecturer, Cheminformatics Online Chemistry Course, Summer-Fall 2015, Spring 2017
Created module on the foundations of chemical structure representation (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Providing instructional support for
online course


Harvard University

Course Assistant, Math Xa & S-Xab: “Introduction to Functions and Calculus,” Fall 2003,  Summer 2004, Fall 2004
Awarded “Certificate of Distinction in Teaching,” Fall 2004